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ADR TV is a video on-demand and live streaming service exclusively curated for the global legal community.

We take pride in being the only dedicated media service for law firms, lawyers, arbitrators, ADR institutions, legal consulting firms, and law schools to showcase their invaluable contributions to the legal profession.

Our curated content spans across all ADR areas, including mediation, arbitration, negotiation and more. Stay up to date with cutting-edge developments and stay ahead in the ever-evolving legal landscape.

Live events, webinars, interviews and discussion, topical series; plus, our ADR MasterClass that will host pre-recorded tutorials and lectures from experts in various areas of litigation.

We bring together legal luminaries from every corner of the world, fostering a global network of collaboration and knowledge-sharing. ADR TV promotes the accessibility and wealth of legal intelligence, connecting the diverse community of legal experts, practitioners, and students, helping us build meaningful partnerships worldwide.

Join the movement of change-makers, pioneers, and innovators at ADR TV. Let’s make knowledge accessible and preserve important, relevant, and intelligent legal conversations together.


Dive into an expansive universe of legal intelligence with our ADR TV Channels. Immerse yourself in a vast library of content curated by leading LAW FIRMS, LEGAL INSTITUTIONS, CONSULTING FIRMS, CHAMBERS, LEGAL RESOURCES & MEDIA PARTNERS. Seamlessly navigate by searching keywords, names, and phrases to quickly access sought after material. Plus, ignite insightful discussions with fellow subscribers by adding comments, fostering vibrant conversations around the content that matters most to you.


Journey through the legal world to witness pivotal moments firsthand. Choose between live broadcasts or curated pre-recorded sessions from prestigious global legal events. Gain exclusive access to riveting interviews and remarkable highlights that will leave you informed and inspired.


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